When the bettor is playing lottery gambling, they will always try to find what numbers they can put before the draw time arrives. It doesn’t matter what kind of game they play whether this is the Hong Kong or Singapore lottery, all of them are trying to find the reference numbers and usually the most used by bettors since the past until now are dream books or dream interpretations.

What is the true Function of the Dream Book in playing the Singapore Lottery?


Maybe all bettors know what this is but still not many understand the facts or the overall definition of this dream book. As the name implies, this book is a list of various dreams that occur in humans complete with their meanings, and also for lottery players in Singapore, Hong Kong, and other markets, each dream is accompanied by a lottery number that they can install. Not just a dozen, but hundreds to thousands of dreams.

While the dream interpretation carried out in it is a process to interpret the dream. Who interprets this dream until the bettor believes in the dream? Experts who can do this and this has been done by ancient people for a long time, not only in Cambodia but also in various countries such as ancient Greece and ancient Egypt. This is because dreams are not just a flower sleep but a message.

Dreams are said to be supernatural suggestions or revelations and then the messages contained in them will be interpreted by those who have special abilities and are usually high spiritual abilities. Meanwhile, in modern times, many psychology and neurobiology have been looking for theories to interpret these dreams. Meanwhile, in Cambodia itself, people believe in the code syair hk that can interpret the dream.

Every dream in the Singapore lottery has a different meaning and number

There are so many dreams that can be interpreted and all dreams have different meanings even though the media or something they dream of is the same. For example, the dream of meeting a dog. Maybe some people underestimate this dream, but those who believe in mystical things like this are certainly very dependent on this dream, and they know that this is a sign of certain events. Besides that, ordinary dog ​​dreams are still general.

It could be that you dream of meeting lots of dogs, meeting black dogs, being bitten by dogs, being chased by dogs, and so on. So every event or dream moment of a dog is different and it certainly means not the same thing. Even the lottery numbers won’t be the same even though they still dream of dogs. But if there is a dream interpretation, then of course there are 2D, 3D, and 4D lottery numbers in it and this is what bettor is most looking for compared to the meaning of the dream.

Who puts the lottery number and is trusted by the bettor? Those who do this are often referred to as which refers to a powerful person or people who have high spiritual abilities and think they can see or see the lottery output numbers. This is what causes the bettor to think that the “grandmother” is really an expert, even enough people believe in this that they depend on numbers.

If you look at the Hong Kong and Singapore lottery sites, it is certain that there is a menu known as the dream book inside. This is where the bettor will get complete information about the dream interpretation they experience along with the number for the version of the lottery gambling game they play so that they also hope to win if they use the numbers in the dream book according to the 2D, 3D or 4D choices they play on their site.

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