Residence or home, including primary human needs. This means that everyone needs a home for rest and family gatherings. Having a dream home is everyone’s dream, especially for those who are married. But over time house prices have increased so like it or not. Eventually, you will look for a house that is simple, not luxurious, within budget.

Having a simple home does not mean you cannot be creative. You can be creative in making a simple but luxurious home. Find references and use your imagination to decorate your simple home to look luxurious.

Having a simple but luxurious home can be realized even with a limited budget. Adding certain accessories to the room and renovating the house on a small scale you can do to create a luxurious feel to your home. Here are simple but luxurious home inspirations you can use.

Choose the Symbol of Luxury Wall Paint


You can paint the walls of your house with colors that symbolize luxury, such as gold, black, purple, or white. You can combine these colors by adjusting your own taste. If you can mix and match exactly your simple house will look luxurious.

Classy Home Furniture

For a luxurious look, you should use a simple but sophisticated furniture design that will create a significant effect, but not overdo it. For example, modern elegant lounges with simple lines and layered edges are the perfect choice for a comfortable living room. Such a simple design will help bring luxurious and elegant comfort to your home without creating an excessive appearance. Don’t hesitate to invest in your furniture. Because it will give your home long-term appeal and comfort.

Apply Luxury Materials

Certain materials, such as wood and marble, are a symbol of luxury in the design of a house. Therefore, it is not surprising that the price may exceed your budget. But don’t worry, you can still apply it without damaging your bank account. For example, you can use tiles that look like wood or use wood or marble materials on a smaller scale. You can use marble only for a few important details, like marble racks or tile backgrounds. Be creative to find marble and wood alternatives that will make a simple but luxurious home on a budget that is certainly much more affordable.

Decorate Your Home Window

Decorating the windows of your home will help to create a luxurious look in your home. Besides being simple, this trick is also very effective and budget-friendly. The key to making luxury lies in choosing curtains that look magnificent, large, and long, which will slightly touch the floor of your home.

Decorating such windows exudes elegance and sophistication, and is a hallmark of luxurious formal design. In addition, it will add to the comfort of your home. Choose colors and designs that can create a striking contrast with a simple background.

Use Luxury Lighting

Lighting can affect the atmosphere in your home. By installing a suitable lamp, you will be able to create a simple but luxurious home easily. A simple but effective solution is to install a dimmer to feel more comfortable and luxurious. Dimmers will allow you to control and adjust lighting, depending on needs and change the overall atmosphere of the house.

Good lighting can also help introduce a sense of luxury to your home. For example, installing a beautiful chandelier on the bed or your living room. It doesn’t have to be expensive, you can find this luxury equipment at thrift stores and at flea markets. You can modify these used items, such as using metallic spray paint to give a glamorous appeal.

Make Elegant Items

If you are a design enthusiast with DIY skills (Do It Yourself) or homemade modification items, you can make a variety of elegant items that will help the house look luxurious. One of them is making simple and elegant crown molding that you can try. Crown molding is a strip of material of various types used to cover transitions between surfaces or for decoration. Usually used to connect walls and ceilings.

Besides crown molding, you can also be creative to create other ornaments in your home. You can learn DIY skills easily through videos shared on YouTube.

Those are some tips and tricks that will make the home look simple but luxurious.

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