Most people think and think that being a photographer is easy. Only need to spend a few hours and press a few buttons, then finish. However, in reality, this work is not as easy as it seems. Reliable and experienced photographers describe many validations of high rates charged. Check out some of the reasons below.

1. Photographers sacrifice a lot of time and energy

Photographers do not start working when the appointed day arrives, but long before that. Typically, photographers start working days or weeks before shooting takes place. Usually, they do a recce to check locations, plan pictures, meet with creative teams, and discuss with clients several times before the day of the shoot.

Not only that, instead of relaxing, but the photographer must also work on the post-production/editing aspects after the photoshoot, choose the image to be used, and then edit it. At this stage, basic edits, such as adjustments to lighting, highlights, shadows, sharpness, saturation, color, and other retouching work will be done. The time spent is also not small. This process can last for four or five hours and also span several days.

2. Professional Photographers Need Special Skills

Having a camera and knowing how to use it doesn’t automatically make you a professional photographer. Photography is a skill that is developed, improved, and improved through practice and continuous learning. This is not a skill that can be obtained overnight. In other words, professional photographers charge high fees for special skills or expertise, and photography angles that are observant and different from other amateur photographers.

3. No Compromise & Many Reasons

Professional photographers work without compromise. They will give the best they can. In this situation, their entire business, livelihood, and good name are at stake. In addition, they will not back down from heavy tasks, such as shooting with extreme weather or spot photos that are not usual. They will go to the location, use their maximum abilities, and provide the best for client satisfaction.

4. Professional Equipment with Prices Tens Even Hundreds of Million

Professional photographers do not compromise the quality of their equipment. They buy professional equipment that spends tens or even hundreds of millions to get some camera bodies, the best lenses for various situations and angles, flash equipment, tripods, standing lights, backgrounds, props, luggage, and storage boxes.

5. Unquestionable Experience & Portfolio

Experience is something that cannot be bought or falsified. Professional photographers who are used to working with various clients can understand and understand your desires, and help realize them. They are also able to give advice on the required shooting elements, such as the color and type of dress that fits according to the theme, the layout of the face & hair, input for poses and angles, and others.

Important events or special days such as weddings, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, or prewedding are important moments that cannot be retrieved. It’s possible to find a shortcut by using the services of an amateur photographer, but this will certainly affect the quality, professionalism, and peace of mind. What if important moments such as wedding kisses, moments to the altar, or moments of blowing candles are missed or the results coming out are not as expected? Surely you do not want to regret and mourn bad photos for life, right?

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