Making photos or drawings and paintings that are interesting and extraordinary great is not easy for some people, including the author of this post. In this era of sophisticated and great, there is no word “difficult” anymore, all can be done and found as long as you want to search.

Not only individuals, organizations or companies sometimes use other people’s photos or images as part of their work to enhance their appearance or to attract the attention of many people. One of them is an online post that will look better when it has an image or thumbnail.

When making a shipment online, it certainly requires an image that you want to be a thumbnail or banner image on the post. If possible, make your own drawings as attractive as possible. But, if you are not able, you can use free images on several sites providing free images with the terms and conditions of each site.

Usually, the conditions are not far from ownership and copyright issues, you may not recognize the image as your creation and some sites require to specify who the image creator/photo is used + the name of the website.

Here we summarize the 4 free sites offering the best Full HD quality images:


Pixabay is a sharing site for designers and photographers who want to share their work, there are also images belonging to the Pixabay team. You can download images on this site for free in various sizes. When you want to download an image, the desired image size option will appear. By default, it will choose according to the screen size being used.


When this has reached more than 500k high-resolution images available on Unsplash, you can upload your work here for free or download unlimited high-quality images for free. Do not forget to give copyright, it is not difficult to give copyright to images that you download because when the download is complete there will appear copyright that you can copy and paste on the blog site.


When searching for keywords for HD wallpapers in the Google search engine, you will definitely find the site. This is one of the largest sites that provide free images that can be used for various purposes including the featured image/thumbnail of a blog post. There is also an option to donate via PayPal if you intend to give appreciation to the owner of the image. To provide image copyright is also not difficult after the image is successfully downloaded automatically a text will appear to be copied as the copyright of the relevant image.


Although it’s rarely found in search engines, this site has images that are completely different from other sites. Most of the images provided here are the editing works of the maestro that make ordinary pictures look attractive. Most people download images from this site to be used as desktop/cellphone wallpapers, but not a few also make them as featured images/banners for articles.

If you are looking for wallpapers for smartphones, you can visit this site. In addition to desktop or widescreen, almost all images on this site provide small sizes such as tablets & smartphones. Starting from the size of the iPhone, Nexus, Samsung, and many other sizes that you can find here.

Looks like the 4 sites above are enough to be your reference if you want to find high-quality images / even up to 4K to be featured images, with the 4 sites above it seems you don’t need to look for other sites that are on average almost of the same quality.

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