I’ve been busy, busy, busy, what with school, the Fling, and finishing up our outdoor kitchen so that it would be ready for a Fourth of July cookout. The result is that I haven’t been posting my progress on the backyard as much as I should, but all that is about to change. First, however, I need to announce the winner of the Troy Bilt string trimmer giveaway. I put all the names in a hat and let Walu draw one out, and the winner was Zoe Ann Stinchcomb. If you don’t know Zoe Ann, you should, as she is a lovely, lovely human being, and, among other things, winner of the 2008 Wildlife Forever Educator of the Year. All of you who entered were deserving of the trimmer, but you can be pleased that someone as fine as Zoe Ann won it.

And now, for some before and after photos of the outdoor kitchen.

Here is the area in 2012, when we were starting some house renovation:


Here it is again a couple of months later, when I improvised an outdoor kitchen that we used during our complete kitchen remodel. I added an umbrella for shade, and a temporary sink so we could have a place to wash our dishes:

I enjoyed cooking outside so much that I vowed to build a more permanent structure this year. All of the wooden structures (including the sink) are made of redwood recycled from an old deck we tore down as part of the renovation. Click to enbiggen:

I’ll do a more detailed post later about the construction of the sink, but for now, here is a closer view. (The granite slab on top is for rolling out pizza dough):

The grill is enclosed by a redwood screen. I dithered for a long time before deciding on this approach, rather than a fully enclosed counter, which I felt would be too “heavy” for space:

Instead of an umbrella (which kept getting in the way), I have hung shade sails:

The deck has been recycled in other ways, too, and I’ll post some before and after pics of those in the future. I’ll also post something about the Fling, which I am still busy processing. It was powerful and has given me a lot to think about. It was also inspirational since it was seeing Rebecca Sweet’s most excellent garden that motivated me to come home and finish the outdoor kitchen. I’ll have photos of Rebecca’s garden and more coming up in a few days.

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